Online Interactive Map Applications

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The information on these maps is based on the most current information available to San Joaquin County Geographic Information Systems.  The County of San Joaquin does not warrant its accuracy or suitability for any particular purpose.  The information on these maps is not intended to replace engineering, financial or primary records research. 

District Viewer

The District Viewer application is intended to reveal the various districts that cover an area of interest.  Districts may include such things as School District, Fire District, Supervisorial Districts, Water Districts and other such service-oriented districts.  They may also include General Plan, Zoning and other permitting-related areas.  (Note that property tax information is NOT available through this application - please contact the San Joaquin County Assessor for property tax information.)

Also: District Viewer version 2(still a work in progress)


Flood Zone Viewer

The Flood Zone Viewer application is intended to depict general flood hazard information as provided by FEMA as part of the Flood Hazard Mapping and National Flood Insurance Program.