Used Map Recycling

Retired Maps Available To Qualified Agencies Free Of Charge

Would you like a map of San Joaquin County for your school's classroom?

From time to time we reprint our entire series of maps for internal uses. The older maps are then retired and recycled. But rather than just dump them in the recycle bin, they are first offered to qualified public agencies free of charge.

In some cases, the older maps are nearly as current as the current maps, and may still be suitable for less critical uses. Most of our maps cover the entire county, and are printed on 24" x 36" paper at a scale around 1:120,000. (one inch on paper equals about two miles on the ground)

If you are a public school teacher, or librarian, or otherwise involved with a local public service agency, you are eligible to obtain these maps. However, the supply of available maps is constantly in flux, is limited to the stock on hand, is provided *AS IS*, and is provided on a first-come, first-served basis.

We do not make these retired maps available to the general public or other private parties for liability reasons - these maps are officially outdated and are no longer suitable for their original purpose. All retired maps that are not claimed by public agencies as part of this recycling program within some reasonable amount of time are shredded and/or otherwise recycled.

If you are interested in obtaining one or more of these maps, please contact David Bollinger at (209) 468-2344 during normal business hours.